Looking Back

Looking back over the project there are several things I wish I had done differentlly. I wish I had spent a lot more time writing as I feel this would have helped the songs get even better and perhaps I could have written other parts for them thus extending the run time of the project as a whole.

I also wish I had been a little more creative with the melodies which I wrote for the project as in hindsight most of them just seem to follow the guitar chords, it would have been nice to come up with some work in a totally different style from this. I also wish I had explored some other keys more, I felt my voice limited me to which keys I could sing over at a reasonable level it would have been nice to have brought a proper vocalist in so I could experiment more instrumentally.


Drafts and Notes

This entry is simply to show the various notes I had taken throughout the project, some of these are ideas that never got developed enough and so languished in a creative limbo. Others were the building blocks of some of the tracks

Some pages were also double sided so I’ve tried to capture as much information as I can however this is limited as I have no used of a scanner.