Complete Demo

As usual here’s a more polished demo, with a fuller and clearer arrangement. I decided to make a few changes from the initial demo however, I wanted to experiment with a dirtier vocal sound since the track is meant to represent a slightly darker memory, so I managed to create quite a different sound from what I have used on previous tracks.I also increased the tempo as I felt it fit the track better and gave me a chance to try something different from the others.

I also wanted to increase the tempo of this song as I felt everything else I had previously completed was in the same key and tempo, so it would be nice to try something totally different.

I just wish I had more time to work on this song in particular, since it was done so late in the process I don’t really think it stands up as well as the other two, not that they’re that great either but at least they’ve had some more development time.


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