Writing Process

I wanted to take the writing process a little differently for this track. Instead of first coming up with a vocal melody then working out which chords fit well under it I’ve done the opposite. I decided to try writing in a minor key this time to give the track a bit of a different feel, unintentionally with the last two they sounded a bit similar due to the similar chords used throughout so I thought I would change it up.

I came up with a slightly longer chord progression than usual, but I hope I didn’t make the same mistakes as I did with the initial draft of Son by making it too guitar orientated. Then I tried to work out what would fit over it well. Once this was done I turned my attention to the chorus of the song once again trying to start in a similar way, chords first then melody.

Once this was done I thought about adding in a bridge section (mainly in hopes of writing a song that lasted longer than 2 minutes at first draft). However I wrote three verses for this song instead of the usual two I seem to write. I’m trying to work out the best place to put the bridge, not sure if it should come after the last verse and before the last chorus or if I should put it after the second chorus and before the third verse for a change.


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