Another track

After re-drafting and going back the previous track I had written a while back it jogged a memory, a memory of what at the time seemed like a very long car journey.
Excuse the terrible quality image from Google maps, if I had the choice I would have preferred to get a photo of it at night. This was usually the point when I knew I was in for a long drive as a child, because I was either heading from Bishopbriggs to Falkirk or vice versa. It’s funny how a place can seem so different in your mind but when you actually see it, it’s not quite how you remember it.
I remember the trees being more invasive lurching over the road more, although you were lucky if you could see them the road was usually pitch black. A few years ago the retail park next to this road became a lot more developed so the area around it started to reflect that but when I remember this road it was dark, isolated and foreboding.
With this in mind I set out trying to write my third song about this place and my feelings for it, you could say it acted as a bridge between two homes for me and it’s definitely a place that’s ingrained deep within my memory.


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