So far my songwriting process has relied heavily on getting a small spark of inspiration whether it’s a melody like I had with the first song I demo’d and working from that to create a full track around it or even just a theme of what I want to write about.

I had struggled to come up with anything original today and with time stretching ever on, I looked back at one track which I had originally throw away. This was a track which I had initially presented during my CMP presentation last year. The track was originally intended to be written from my fathers point of view since Jimmy Webb had mentioned in his book that most songs are written from a point of view I felt this would be a good idea to try and incorporate into the project purely for experimentation purposes.

When looking back at the draft lyrics and chords I had written I immediately wanted to make revisions. I could remember the melody which is what had brought me back to the song but when I looked at it I noticed that it plainly looked like it had been written with a “guitar playing” mentality. There were a lot of chords when really the melody only really in my opinion needed two or three.

With this in mind I scrapped most of the chords I had written for the verse section and simplified it to just two chords, I had also been reading about techniques that were prevalent in The Beatles songwriting. They often used the first chord in a key and the fifth key in order to create a bit of tension and release so I tried this out. It didn’t have a dramatic overall impact over the song but I thought it sounded good so I kept it in.

Some of the lyrics also got re-written so the melody flows a bit better, even although I’ve not really written many sets of lyrics yet looking back to the original draft of this song there were some glaring errors I had made. I suppose that’s some good progress though here’s a demo that I recorded quickly today, it’s not the best quality.


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