My First Demo (Take 2)

I finally got a chance to record a more developed version of the first demo I posted in an earlier entry.

This version encompasses a “full band” type of set up there’s a drum machine providing a beat (albeit a basic one at the moment), bass guitar, rhythm guitar and also myself singing.

Regarding the issues I had mentioned in my previous entry, I managed to extend the song a little by adding in an intro and adding in a few cycles through chord progressions before the singing comes in at certain points. While The length of the track is only extended slightly it still seems better to me. Right now I’m thinking of other possibilities that may help to extend the track even further.

Listening to my own singing in this track, it is evident I do not have a natural talent. However I hope that the melody is at least recognizable to an extent as I do wish to further develop this skill and I believe that writing melodies and actually singing them myself is one of the best ways to accomplish this.


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