…And their continued application kind of

IMAG0150The American Sentence idea has proved to be a good jumping off point, although the 17 syllable idea didn’t last very long. The more I started writing the quicker it changed into more or less syllables.

These are all notes I’ve taken throughout the ideas/drafting phase of ideas. Most of the ideas written down are all focused on the concept of leaving my first childhood home which occurred when I was about 3 or 4.

I don’t have a lot of memories of this time and when I was reading an interview with Randy Newman he said he had written a song “Kind of about how your childhood gets told to you” (Zollo, 2003) so I thought I would kind of center my lyrics for this piece the same way. Based on what my parents had told me about this move.

Most of the lyrics talk about places things that were left behind from my first home in Glasgow and then in the second verse I go on to talk about what went on around my new home. Due to the area we moved to in Falkirk still being built a lot of the lyrics stretch over a period of time when the area was being developed so it talks about the development of the area.

The song is still being drafted so there’s not demo at the moment but at least there’s more development coming into play now.




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