….And their application well sort of

wpid-wp-1398169381068.jpegI attempted to put my idea about American Sentences into practice however I wasn’t quite sure that 17 syllables would make for a nice verse since it would be left a bit uneven.

I started off writing 17 syllable verses (middle sheet) the results weren’t really to my satisfaction they’re probably salvageable but it’s been all I’ve thought about so I thought I might start completely from scratch for the second draft of lyrics.

One thing I did feel helped the first time was writing common themes or words I wanted to song to convey at the top of the page these acted as a constant remind throughout the process of the idea I was trying to convey. I did the same for the second draft  (sheet on the right ) except this time I added a few more into the equation, small ideas that had developed from the first draft for a while I had the idea of trying to write the song in the guise of an easily hummable children’s book, something akin to what Dr. Seuss would write I suppose. Due to this revelation this draft has turned from beat poetry (albeit terrible beat poetry) into something more resembling a song I would say, there’s rhymes throughout however I wasn’t sure if there were too many.

This led me to writing a third draft, I decided to try something totally different this time instead of coming up with lyrics then applying a melody over them I started to hum a melody and from there tried to write lyrics that would fit on top of it easily. This idea seems more naturally like a song, however right now there are only two parts those being a verse and a chorus.

The drafting process seems to work for me as does the ideas at the top of the page that I’ve carried through fairly consistently, I feel like I’ve achieved some results with the third draft and it’s a definite step forward but I won’t be able to rely on humming a melody I like and writing to it constantly, perhaps it’s a blend of writing enough so I’ve got the idea ingrained in my head then seeing what comes later in regards to a melody?


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