Getting back into it

Well it’s been a while since I’ve made any posts or done anything of value with this project dissertation has taken up most of my time and admittedly I’ve been letting this module slip.

However that’s something I plan to rectify starting now. In the feedback for the presentation I gave it was suggested that instead of focusing on the outcome of writing these songs I focus on the songwriting process itself.

Now I’ve had plenty of time to think about it that makes far more sense as I’m unlikely to produce great works with my first attempts at writing.

So I’m planning to start writing songs with the intention of documenting my though process on here as I go. I’ve been learning a lot of theory recently as well so hopefully I can give more insight into why I have chosen certain chords other than just they sound good when paired together. Another valuable addition that this documentation process will give is that people will easily be able to see my process and then recommend other options that I can try which will be valuable if I intend to take this project further than the end of this year.

The only thing I can see holding me back at this point is my lack of singing ability, it’s something I’ve never really done seriously until the start of this year. Even since I have started it’s only been by taking baby steps such as singing backing vocals in the band I’m a part of (It’s a punk band though so backing vocals don’t need to be particularly impressive) and by trying to sing along to songs while listening to the notes instead of just assuming I’m doing it right.

Hopefully this is something I can learn to overcome throughout this process though, and if it doesn’t turn out how I plan I could even attempt to overlay other instrumental melodies over the work and try to convince others to sing over it at a later date.

Anyway at least that’s a bit of an explanation as to where I’m at with this project and what I’m intending to do over the next few weeks with it.


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