It’s just occurred to me how much of the past few years I’ve spent on trains. I’ve spent a lot of time going between Glasgow and Falkirk on them. I’ve become so accustomed to them I even have a preferred seat on one of the lines I’m on most often.

Here’s the view from it


It’s the table on the left at the back of the rear carriage, just in front of the door and the bike storage areas. I prefer the inside seat facing the way I’m going so that I can watch the scenery go by.

I suppose the main point of this post is that I’ve been on this particular train enough that I feel really comfortable on it, the seat I’m in st the moment has the same feeling for me as my favored seat at home does, perhaps a place can feel like home as long as you spend enough time there.

I also came up with a bit of an idea for a song while I was waiting on the platform for the train. Or at least some of the lyrics for it anyway, so I’m gonna spend a bit of time refining them particularly because I’ve never really written lyrics or even sang for that matter so it’s probably in my best interest to focus on this aspect of my project.

…..This entry was written on the 6th of Feb during the evening but unfortunately I couldn’t post it on my blog live then. That explains why the picture is at night but this entry is being made during the afternoon.