This word press blog is primarily going to be used for my Creative Music Project module in university.

The Project itself is going to be focused on songwriting and is going to explore the notion of home, how do you know when you’re home? how do you know where your home is? I’ve been travelling a lot in my life not always great distances but while most of my friends remain the one town for most of their week or month I’m often en route to another place.

This is something I’ve been debating much over the last few years particularly after being born in Glasgow and then moving through to Falkirk when I was much younger, is home where you grow up or where you’re born?

First family home in Falkirk

First family home in Falkirk

That is the first house my family had when we moved to Falkirk, I was around 3 when we moved so I was still very young and as a result it’s the first place I can remember calling home. It’s strange how much our notion of home can change and it’s even stranger the time frame that takes, it’s certainly not long.

I recently moved home again and this has brought up a lot of mixed feelings about my previous home so in an effort to understand this notion of home for this project I will be trying to channel my creative energies into writing my own songs around this subject.

I like songs about drifters – books about the same.
They both seem to make me feel a little less insane.

-Isaac Brock


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